Post image for Trilogy on the Travel Channel 2015!

The Travel Channel is a big deal. With prestige, they showcase hot-spots, must-do’s, and essentially make you itch to get on an airplane and start exploring! This year, The Travel Channel searched the globe for the hottest destination and unsurprisingly landed on the Hawaiian Islands “The Trip: 2015” will take viewers through an all-star itinerary, [...]

Post image for 2015 Blue’Aina Beach Clean-up sponsored by The Hawaiian Paddle Sports

2014 was an incredible year for the Blue’aina program. The growing support from volunteers, corporate and food sponsors has been overwhelming! In 2014 Trilogy was able to have 17 Blue’Aina reef cleanups and raised over $10,000 for local non-profits! The beginning of 2015 brought a small storm that hit West Maui and the Lahaina harbor. Wreckage from boats, [...]

Post image for 2014 Lana’i Blue’Aina sponsored by the Wailea Community Association

2014 has been an incredible year for the Blue’aina program. The growing support from volunteers, corporate and food sponsors has been overwhelming! Trilogy has been able to have over 15 Blue’Aina reef cleanups and has raised over $10,000 for local non-profits! To celebrate a successful year of reef cleanups, Trilogy decided to have the reef/beach [...]

Post image for The Best Part Of Being A Sailor: Why We’ve Chosen A Life Of Sailing

  As you can see from the definition to the left, “in irons” is a position that all sailors work their best to avoid. In layman’s terms, being in “irons”  essentially means “stuck,” and even though the connotation is negative, there is a certain nautical and romantic irony that “in irons” is often where sailors [...]

Post image for When Is The Best Time To See Whales In Maui?

Seeing as we operate seven boats that offer whale watching tours in Maui, this is a question we’re asked a lot and at all different times of the year. Officially, whale season in Maui runs from December 15th-May 15th, although it’s still possible to see whales outside of the official“whale season” dates. While the first [...]

Post image for Blue’aina teams with TC Kokua to raise $1000 for the Eyes of the Reef and Hawaiian Island Land Trust

Even before the volunteers came aboard they had already gathered a trash bag full of leftover Halloween garbage, bottles and other harbor rubbish. These are the types of volunteers that come out on Blue’Aina trips, they understand what its all about. Blue’Aina is all about taking care of the Aina, both blue and green. After [...]

Post image for Maui Really Revealed: Trilogy’s Top Weekend Picks As Recommended By Our Crew

Living in Maui can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re constantly surrounded by beautiful weather and days that are ripe for adventure, and you’re blessed to live in a tropical place where there is always somewhere to explore. On the other hand, living in paradise doesn’t come free—and most of your days [...]

Post image for Blue ‘Aina Partners with Joseph Pluta to Raise $1,000 for the Maui Huliau Foundation

      In between the past few hurricane scares we we able to have a fantastic Blue’aina. Our team partnered with local realtor Joseph Pluta, The Maui Huliau Foundation and the Hawaii National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. Shoutout to Captain Jack’s Island Grill for providing another excellent meal for our volunteers and crew! After beach loading supplies and volunteers [...]

Post image for Behind the Scenes of a Trilogy Dry Dock

It’s 7am in Kahului Harbor, and Captain Caleb is donning a respirator and a faded long-sleeve shirt. Usually at this time he’d be prepping for a snorkeling tour—readying the gear, counting the food, and loading on Ka‘anapali Beach. Today, however, there will be no sailing in the Pailolo Channel or snorkeling at Honolua Bay. Nor [...]