When disaster strikes it usually makes headlines for 24 hours before disappearing into the ether of “old news”. It was only four months ago that the devastating earthquakes struck Nepal and the Himalayas region killing 9,000 people and displacing more than 450,000 from their homes. These are staggering numbers, and yet, it’s easy to forget […]

Post image for Trilogy’s Blue ‘Aina Reef Clean Up 8/16/15- Sponsored by Hawaiian Paddle Sports, Hard Rock Café Maui, Benefits Surfrider Foundation and Pacific Cancer Foundation

Despite worries about another Pacific tropical storm, Trilogy’s Blue ‘Aina Campaign’s August reef clean up happened on a calm, beautiful day. New volunteers and regulars alike joined us on Sunday morning in Lahaina Harbor, ready to dedicate their morning to cleaning a Maui nearshore reef of marine debris. We did our harbor clean up before […]

Love seafood? Most likely, you do. Hawai’i has a rich tradition of creating delicious dishes from the sea’s bounty; residents and visitors alike love experiencing local culture through ahi poke bowls, mahi mahi sandwiches, opihi barbeques, and more.   But with the current rate of industrial fishing and ever higher populations’ demands on the world’s […]


After the hot, muggy summer days we’ve been experiencing on Maui thanks to Tropical Depression Ela, it felt great to be out on the water last Sunday, July 12th, for our monthly Blue’ Aina Reef Clean up snorkel and sail. Volunteers showed up ready to go, collecting litter from Lahaina Harbor before boarding Trilogy 1 […]

Post image for Dolphin Research with Citizen Science

 Have you ever been on a Trilogy sail, enjoying the ocean and island views, when a surprise encounter with dolphins occurs?   Sightings of marine mammals in the dolphin family, also known as toothed whales or “odonotocetes” officially, are one of our favorite parts of sailing around Maui Nui. The warm, clear, tropical waters around […]


He travels the world constantly in search of one-of-a-kind experiences, mind blowing food, and intriguing culture – and he describes his experience on Maui as “the most amazing in his 14 years of travel”. CNN’s travel show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown came out to Maui as part of their episode, “The Hawaiian Side of Paradise”, […]


What better way to celebrate World Oceans Day than join our Blue ‘Aina campaign for a day on the water, snorkeling and cleaning up the big blue? We had 46 dedicated individuals join us for our last Blue ‘Aina reef clean up on June 7th. Before even getting onboard, our ocean stewards got to it […]


Though our most famous marine mammal here on Maui is the gigantic, friendly, acrobatic Humpback Whale – and for good reason- we are also so lucky to have many other marine mammals frequent our shores here in the Hawaiian Islands. Some of these marine mammals are endemic, meaning that they are found nowhere else in the […]


Sailing has always been a way that humans have harnessed renewable energy to travel, to explore the seas, and to enjoy a thrilling ride. But is there a way to make boating even more environmentally friendly? Trilogy decided to take our commitment to sustainability a step further. We are excited to announce that we are […]