Post image for Blue ‘Aina Partners with Hula Grill to Raise $1,000 for Surfrider Maui

Only 48 hours before the first NW swell of Maui’s winter season, the Blue ‘Aina team partnered with Hula Grill and Surfrider Maui to clean up Honolua Bay. Loading directly from Ka‘anapali Beach in front of Hula Grill, the group managed an entire bag of trash before the trip even got under way. Surfrider Maui [...]

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“Ecotourism” has become a buzz word in the realm of global travel. It seems that everywhere you look, “sustainable,” “green,” and “eco-friendly” operators have begun to flourish with abundance, and when performed properly, this is a fantastic trend. Not only is it imperative to raise awareness about protecting native resources, but it’s also inspiring to [...]

Post image for Blue‘Aina and Mojo Custom Raise $500 for Mana‘olana Pink Paddlers

Cancer. It’s a topic that’s difficult to talk about, and even more difficult to face. Thanks to Mana‘olana, however—a local non-profit that supports cancer survivors through the sport of outrigger canoe paddling—it’s a topic that can become just a little bit easier when confronted by power in numbers. Based out of Kihei, the “Pink Paddlers”, [...]

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During the long, breezy, months of summer—when tradewinds whistle through sunny blue skies and north shore beaches are calm—spending a day snorkeling at Honolua Bay is one of the best activities on Maui. In winter—a time of year when humpback whales leap powerfully off Maui’s shoreline, and mauka showers invite afternoon rainbows to the ridges [...]

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As completely and utterly clichéd as it sounds, Maui truly is a place for everybody. It’s an island where honeymooners can make the first memories of the life they’re beginning together, and an island where parents who’s children are grown can take the long relaxing break they deserve. It’s an island where you can raise [...]

Blue‘Aina Teams With Leoda’s Pie Shop To Raise $500 For Hawaii Wildlife Fund

Thumbnail image for Blue‘Aina Teams With Leoda’s Pie Shop To Raise $500 For Hawaii Wildlife Fund July 10, 2014

Reef cleanups where you don’t end up finding much trash are always bittersweet. Part of the fun of joining a reef cleanup is the feeling of an aquatic treasure hunt, where right around the next coral head you might score the find of the day. Maybe a tire full of glass bottles? Maybe a suitcase [...]

The Art of Sailing in Hawaii

Thumbnail image for The Art of Sailing in Hawaii June 29, 2014

Having sailed in Hawaii for over 40 years, we’ve seen Maui gradually change and grow in many ways. For as much as the island has changed, however, one thing that has remained constant over the years is the art of sailing in Hawaii. The slap of water lapping against the hulls still sings its romantic [...]

Blue‘Aina Teams With Hawaiian Paddle Sports and Maui Brewing Company to Raise $1,000 for Maui Non Profits

Thumbnail image for Blue‘Aina Teams With Hawaiian Paddle Sports and Maui Brewing Company to Raise $1,000 for Maui Non Profits June 14, 2014

Aside from the snorkeling, the sunshine, and the empowering feeling of cleaning an island reef, one of the best parts of our Blue‘Aina reef cleanups is being around people who love Maui. On our most recent cleanup to Mala Wharf, we had the pleasure of hearing spirited testimony from a a few of these dedicated [...]

A Floating Workshop to Save Maui’s Reefs

Thumbnail image for A Floating Workshop to Save Maui’s Reefs June 9, 2014

When most people daydream about snorkeling in Maui, their minds are filled with visions of sea turtles and schools of tropical fish. Imagine floating effortlessly in the warm waters of the Pacific, where the rainbow of colors in the marine environment—deep reds of slate pencil urchins, cobalt blue water, and brilliant yellow tang fish—combine to [...]