A Guide to Maui: Launiupoko



Location: On the southwestern shoreline of Maui between Olowalu and Lahaina

Depth: 6-40 ft.

Good for seeing: Black durgeon, sea cucumber, slate pencil urchins, Hawaiian green sea turtles, octopus, parrotfish


Best time of year to snorkel at Launiupoko: Launiupoko offers the best snorkeling during the calm winter months.

Reasons we might choose to snorkel here: Although Launiupoko doesn’t have the same amount of coral cover or marine life as spots such as Olowalu, Mokulei‘a, or Honolua Bay, Launiupoko can sometime be the only spot where conditions are calm enough for snorkeling. On winter days when there is a large north swell and the wind is too strong for snorkeling at Olowalu, Launiupoko provided a reliable “back up” option where we know the conditions will be calm enough for swimming.