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Blue'Aina with Eat Less Plastic and Aloha Kayaks Maui

Read all about our March Blue’Aina with Aloha Kayaks Maui (a returning sponsor!) and a non-profit that is near and dear to our hearts, Eat Less Plastic! Epic sunshine, views of the West Maui mountains, and crystal clear waters made for a perfect reef cleanup out on the water!

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Blue'Aina with “Love the Sea” and the Westin KOR

A day filled with inspiration and aloha, for our September Blue’Aina reef cleanup we partnered with ocean-loving non-profit, Love the Sea, and the Westin KOR - back for an impressive third sponsorship! Full hearts (and full trash bags) make for a genuine Blue’Aina success.

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An Ocean Voyage with Eat Less Plastic & Trilogy's Blue'Aina Campaign

Read about the exciting new partnership between Trilogy’s Blue’Aina campaign and our friends at Eat Less Plastic, a team of researchers and voyagers dedicated to changing the future. As they embark on a four month long journey through the South Pacific, their research teams (plus a new addition!) will gather microplastic samples and conduct other ocean water testing in an effort to do their part to better our beautiful Earth.

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