Captain Gabe

Position: Captain, Director of Operations

Held Captain’s License Since: 2010

Lived On Maui Since: 2007

Worked For Trilogy Since: 2007

Originally From: Northwestern Washington

Has Also Lived In: Hermosa Beach, California, Portland, Orego, Austria

Has Also Worked As: Roofer, Restaurant Owner, Hula Dancer, Underwear Model

Favorite Place in Maui: Hana

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Nome, Alaska

Craziest Outing You’ve Ever Had: I think it’s a tossup between being surrounded by pilot whales as they hunted mahimahi before one of them jumped out of the water with it in their mouth, OR, coming to work early in the morning for an exclusive trip to find out that we were doing a top secret Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot on the boat.

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Mala Ramp

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Tahiti, or anywhere there is no cell phone service and good waves!

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: I used to surf, but now I change diapers…

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: Flatbread Pizza…order the “Mopsy”!

Best Part About Working For Trilogy: Our wonderful ohana and getting to wear board shorts to work every day.

Suggestions For Passengers on First Trilogy Trip: Don’t forget to fully charge your camera batteries before you come out!

Trilogy Excursions

trilogy excursions, 207 Kupuohi Street, Lahaina, HI, 96761