Already Missing Mom Coon's Cinnamon Buns

Captain Carrie Kintz
November 7, 2016

Since this is a Trilogy delivery, food is going to be the most important thing. OF COURSE we are going to make fresh Mamma Coon's Cinnamon Buns every morning for breakfast and yokisoba noodles for lunch.... Before setting sail, we decided to make five pre-made dinners that would freeze well and make the first week at sea a little easier. I volunteered to do the research and make these dinners. With the help of Capt. Hoov who had great notes from previous voyages and of course Google, we had some options. Luckily, the boys liked the menu I wrote down so I split the ingredients list in two and set off with Capt. Seth into Plaza Extra for some shopping.

As an organized person, I was quite content to have all the ingredients out on the counter and the house and kitchen all to myself to start cooking. Blasting Jimmy Buffett was a plus! 

During the first afternoon, I made an enchilada casserole, a cheesy taco casserole, and a chicken noodle casserole. The biggest challenge was trying to boil water with the breeze drifting through the kitchen. I finally resorted to turning off all the fans and closing all the doors to hit boiling point. Then the water finally boiled - and so did I!! At least this was solid training for cooking and living on a boat. When the boys came home I had all the meals cooling off and I had to fend them off with a spatula so they wouldn't try to sample. We bought a small top load freezer at Home Depot a few days earlier and have been slowly filling it up with meals. 

On the second food run I decided to give Seth, Kama and Gabe the two page shopping list and let them knock things off the list while I got my nails done. For all the lady sailors out there:  Consider going with gel manicure. It typically lasts for three weeks and holds up well when your hands are frequently wet. Back to shopping. Itʻs two days later and I'm still trying to figure out what the boys did and did not get on the list. Gabe apparently handed Kama a big pack of Big Tex Cinnamon rolls as a joke for a photo, but Kama put them in the shopping cart and they came home. With great authority, I can tell you that they are definitely not as good as Mamma Coon's Cinnamon Rolls. We have decided to wait until the last day before departure to pick up perishables. Below is my list, wish me luck.