Crossing Log, Entry 2: Excitement & LOLs

As promised (and in record time!) our charismatic Galley Officer, Lowell, sent us a quick little update this week on the Trilogy voyage. Aptly nicknamed LoL, get ready for some fun little anecdotes from our favorite cheerful crew member, that are sure to bring a smile!

Crossing Log:

Galley Officer Lowell (LoL), 9/26/18 @ 0127 hours

Day 1

It is just before 1:30 am EST in St. Croix and I am wide awake.  It may be because of excitement or maybe it’s the six-hour time difference here compared to home in Hawaii, but either way, I figured it would be a great time to write the first day’s blog entry. Our adventure started as Kai, Raquel, and I took a taxi from the west side of Maui to Kahului airport.  Thankfully, Katie already had a ride lined up to the airport from her husband, because despite the taxi being a minivan and there only being three of us, our luggage filled the remainder of the van to the brim - all essential items for our crossing voyage! One of these all-too-vital bags of mine may or may not have consisted entirely of 30 pounds of nuts & 72 handcrafted salty chocolate energy balls for snacks during our crossing. :)


Later on in the airport, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, as this bag, filled only with nuts and balls, glided over the belt, successfully passing the USDA clearance station. Our snacks were safe! So with that, we made our way to Sammy’s Bar & Restaurant to wait for our departure time, where our conversation was largely dominated by all of our equal excitement at this amazing opportunity.

After takeoff, we obviously all opted to watch the new release “Adrift”! What other movie would you want to watch before embarking on an open ocean crossing than one telling the story of a couple sailing a beautiful vessel from Tahiti to San Diego who goes on to encounter a catastrophic category 5 hurricane?  Market research? Or something like that… ;) On another note, a big mahalo to Captain Gabe Lucy for keeping us on our toes and giving us some last minute cardio exercise by making our layovers so tight in both Dallas and Miami that we had to run between terminals. 

When we arrived on the island of St. Croix, we were greeted by Captain Jim Whipple, who we were all stoked to get to know and who I am sure we will learn a lot from. As we walked to the baggage claim area there was a Cruzan Sample Kiosk offering rum manufactured here on the island of St.Croix.  Naturally, we had to sample a bit of each of the local libations, (except for the Mango flavor… we serve that one on our catamarans back on Maui, so that’s old news for us).

Waiting at the baggage carousel, we were all VERY excited because ALL of our luggage made it through - even my nuts!  We were also so pumped to be reunited with our friend & fellow Trilogy First Mate, Nick Shaw, who has spent the last five months on St. Croix helping Gold Coast Yachts build the new Trilogy IV catamaran

...stay tuned for more :-)



^^ The woman with the double hand photobomb is clearly excited for our trip as well!

Intro by: Cyndie Ellis