Trilogy wins Hawaii Ecotourism Association's Operator of the Year, Conservation and Education Director Magen wins Guide of the Year

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Trilogy’s Conservation and Education Director and First Mate Magen Schifiliti named Tour Guide of the Year

LAHAINA, Hawaii, October 29th, 2017 – The Hawaii Ecotourism Association (HEA) has named Trilogy Excursions its 2017 Tour Operator of the year and Trilogy’s Conservation and Education Director and First Mate, Magen Schifiliti, the Tour Guide of the Year. Additional categories awarded are Travel Writer and Kupa‘a Ho‘aloha (HEA Volunteer). The award recipients were honored at the Annual Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, November 13th at the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel.

Trilogy's Director of Sales and Marketing, LiAnne Driessen with the Operator of the Year Award

The Hawaii Ecotourism’s Tour Operator of the Year, recognizes the Hawaii ecotour operator who demonstrates through their business, a commitment to environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community outreach, and education, to name a few. There are over 100 businesses across four islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island) that have chosen to go through the rigorous certification process that the Hawaii Ecotourism Association provides. These businesses are excellent examples of how sustainable ecotourism can be put into practice here in Hawaii. Trilogy Excursions is Maui’s oldest sailing catamaran tour company and has been setting the standard for sustainable tourism practices since its inception in 1973. From being the first boat company to not dump bathroom waste in the water and instead pump out on land, to establishing the day-use mooring systems, instead of dropping anchors that destroy vulnerable coral reefs, the owners have had the wisdom and vision to incorporate sustainability into Trilogy tours and inspire personal conviction to be stewards of the environment.

 Over the last five years, Trilogy has focused on smaller changes that when operating six boats simultaneously can make a large impact:

  • Converted one of its boats to biodiesel.

  • Purchased reusable cups and eliminated single-use plastics.

  • Transitioned schedules, manifests, and ticketing processes to paperless methods.

  • Converted the corporate office to run on solar power.

  • Began educating guests on reef-safe sunscreens and alternative sun protection options such as rash guards, and outfitted all boats with complimentary reef-safe sunscreen for guests’ use.


 Trilogy Excursions has also given back to the local Maui and Lana‘i community through its Blue‘Aina Conservation and Education program which hosts monthly events that facilitate reef cleanups and land-based projects to protect Maui and Lana‘i’s coral reef systems. 

Trilogy;s Conservation and Education Director and First mate Magen Schifiliti with her Guide of the Year Award

The HEA Tour Guide of the Year Award honors a tour guide from each island in Hawaii who best embody the core assets of quality ecotourism: effective interpretation, conservation of natural resources and authentic cultural experiences. Conservation and Education Director and First Mate Magen Schifiliti exemplifies these qualities through her multifaceted position with Trilogy. Her credentials include a Master’s of Marine Biology from the University of Western Australia.

  • Magen is in charge of organizing and operating the Trilogy Blue‘Aina Conservation and Education program.

  • Her research contributed to Trilogy’s decision to outfit its boats with reef safe sunscreen.

  • She is responsible to develop and teach Naturalist Curriculum lesson plans that all Trilogy crew are required to attend.

  • As a First Mate aboard Trilogy Vessels, Magen has the opportunity to share her breadth of knowledge with guests and coworkers first hand.

Magen’s commitment to ecotourism extends beyond Trilogy Excursions.  She sits on the board of two Maui area Non-Profits, Surfrider Foundation Maui and the Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. This past summer, Magen took a brief sabbatical from Trilogy to help lead several groups of high-school aged students with Maui’s Ecology Project International. EPI works with The Nature Conservancy, Maui Cultural Lands, The Hawaii Wildlife Fund and Polanui Hiu Community Managed Marine Area to create research opportunities for visiting students.

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About Trilogy Excursions:

 Trilogy Excursions is a family-owned and operated sailing company established in 1973 by the Coon Family. They operate on both Maui and Lanai and have led their industry in environmental initiatives, setting safety standards, and practicing Hawaiian hospitality. They are committed to sustainable tourism and undergo an extensive certification process every two years to remain a certified eco-tour operator by the Hawaiian Ecotourism Association. Trilogy is known for its daily snorkeling and sailing excursions most notably their all day tour to the private island of Lana‘i. For more information on Trilogy visit or call 808-661-4743 x7010.

About Hawaii Ecotourism Association

 HEA is a 401(c)3 educational non-profit who has served Hawaii for over 20 years. Their mission is to protect Hawaii’s unique natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel. The certification program was designed as a way to educate tour operators about best practices for tourism and to educate visitors about which tour operators were actually committed to those principles. For more information on HEA, visit