Dolphin SMART Photo Guidelines

Having sailed the waters of Maui and Lana'i since 1973, Trilogy feels blessed and very fortunate to call these islands our home. We also feel a responsibility to protect and care for these oceans, and this includes the various marine creatures who share the waters with our boats.

Given our commitment to local marine life, Trilogy is proud to be a member of the Dolphin SMART program which is administered by the National Marine Sanctuary. Trilogy is the first member of the Maui charter boat community to follow the Dolphin SMART guidelines,  and photos which you find on our website and social media channels adhere to the following conditions:

  • This photo(video) was taken while viewing from a responsible distance. The (dolphin(s), whale(s)) in this photo(video) approached the boat while the engines were in neutral or off.

  • We view wild dolphins and whales from a responsible distance to avoid any harassment or disturbance to their natural behaviors. Our photos (videos) that show dolphins and whales near the boat were taken after they approached the boat with the engines in neutral or off.

  • Dolphins are often seen riding the bows of the vessels. Any photo depicting dolphins off the bow of the boat was taken when the dolphins approached our vessel to bowride, and the behavior was not elicited by the vessel’s actions.

Mahalo again for your interest in our environment, and feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below.


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