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Crossing Log, Entry 5: It’s a big, big ocean out there

Fueled up and officially on the open ocean, our crew checks in during the first few days of sailing - from watch scheduling to lightning storms to ohana dinners, the Trilogy crossing crew is in great spirits about the exciting weeks ahead!

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Setting Sail: Trilogy, meet the open ocean

It’s finally here - our new boat is coming home! Read this first-hand insight into the incredible feat that is an ocean crossing, written by Captain Denver Coon. Sleepless nights, thousands of miles of Open Ocean, squalls, and weeks without sight of land all await our Trilogy crew - the most epic of adventures is under way!

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The Voyage of Trilogy IV - Phase 1: She Floats!

Follow along the journey of our brand new luxury catamaran, the Trilogy IV, as she sets sail on her ocean crossing home to Maui! During this adventure, we’ll have our Captains and Crew weigh in on their 5-7 weeks at sea with all the behind-the-scenes stories (the good, bad, and funny). We can’t wait to welcome T4 home - but first, phase 1!

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