What is Trilogy’s BlueʽAina Program? The BlueʽAina program is the environmental arm of Trilogy Excursions which not only focuses on cleaning the island’s reefs and shorelines, but also on supporting local non-profits, educating community members about environmental initiatives, and raising awareness towards protecting our island’s sensitive marine environment. According to our mission statement, “Trilogy’s “BlueʽAina” is a conduit connecting our ocean community with environmentally concerned companies and conservation groups. Through this unity we directly clean reefs and beaches, conduct citizen science, and support like minded nonprofits through action, education, and outreach.” 

When Was It Started? Trilogy’s BlueʽAina program was launched in 2010 by company employees who wanted to give back to our reef ecosystem. Setting their idea into action, the captains and crew decided to clean up a different reef every month for 12 months as a way to give back to the island community. Partnering with the Surfrider Foundation, the crew not only donated their time, but also reached out to the community to join in the efforts. Trilogy stepped in and donated the boat, the fuel, and the food, and the positive response was immediately overwhelming.

So How Exactly Does It Work? Trilogy’s hosts a BlueʽAina cleanup on the first Sunday of every month. To sponsor a trip, corporations will donate up to $1,000 towards an environmentally or culturally minded non-profit who serve as that month’s recipients. In exchange for their donation, not only are corporations able to align themselves with a good cause and give back to the community, but they also receive 10 seats on the day of the cleanup. For more information on becoming a corporate sponsor, please see our Becoming a Blue’aina Corporate Sponsor section.

In addition to the corporate sponsors, island restaurants will also step in and donate the food for the event, and more information on the food sponsorship program can be found by reading our section on Becoming a Blue’aina Food Sponsor.

Registration for water based reef cleanups is only $30 and available for purchase through the Trilogy website:

Wait? So a non-profit can get up to $1,000 and Trilogy doesn’t do it for profit? Why are you doing this? In the simplest terms, because it’s just a good thing to do. Trilogy has been a leader in the environmental field since our founding in 1973, and over the course of our 40 year history we have been involved in such initiatives such as working to establish day-use moorings on our island’s reefs to supporting the establishment of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. BlueʽAina is just another extension of our devotion to environmental and conservation initiatives, and it’s our hope that we can use our resources to bring island community members together in an effort to protect our fragile reefs and shorelines. For a partial list of the community involvement that Trilogy has been a part of over the years, feel free to see the Community and Environment page on our website.

2017 Blue'Aina Brochure