Trilogy V Crossing Blog #3: Wind, Dolphins, and Yahtzee

Open Ocean

Aloha Trilogy blog readers!

This post is coming to you from the Pacific Ocean approximately 1400 miles from Panama.

After setting sail from Panama, we had quite the eventful first week filled with excitement, thrills, and also a few challenges. We experienced five days of rough seas including big waves and strong winds. (You might be thinking “strong winds on a sailing catamaran… that is good, right?) Unfortunately the winds were what we call “on the nose,” aimed straight at us and hindering us from sailing unless we altered course to an unfavorable direction.

Despite a few days of rough wind, we’ve also had the privilege of numerous dolphin sightings of several different pods, one whale (!) and a fish strike on our hand lines (just a strike… not a catch yet!)

Lightning Storms

We even witnessed a few days of lightening/thunder storms that illuminated the night skies as we made our way in and out of squalls.

The seas have since settled and winds have turned favorable and our sails are flying while one motor assists us along the way. (Now if we could just turn them up 5-10 kts!)

The full moon has shown itself, cascading ever so brightly over the water. We haven’t had too much down time quite yet- which is good- due to the numerous boat projects and challenges everyday at sea. But when we do have a moment off watch or duties, you will find us with our noses in a good book, or possibly taking a siesta. Or if you’re Jenny and Gabriel, playing a game of Scrabble (which Jenny won) or a game of Yahtzee (which Jenny also won). Jenny 2. Gabriel 0.

Full Moon

The food aboard our journey has been excellent. If you didn’t know, Gabriel and Jenny are master chefs! Meal selections thus far have included homemade Thai-peanut sauce, stir-fry, shrimp fried rice, sweet potato tacos with Gabriel’s famous guacamole, and curry! We’re looking forward to tonight’s meal: Shrimp pesto pasta!

We are all in great spirits and very grateful for this experience. Believe me when I say, TRILOGY V is a working beauty. We will see you soon Maui, signing off for now.

Your Trilogy V Crew

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