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MECO Donates 1,000 Trees to Maui Nui Botanical and Cleans Mala Wharf

Though some may not think of Mala Wharf as the most exciting place to snorkel much less conduct a cleanup, it should not be overlooked.  The once bustling pier was destroyed by hurricane Iniki, leaving a dock that today serves as an artificial reef. Turtles, reef sharks, tropical fish and more flourish at the site, making it and important location to maintain.

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Blue’Aina Cleans Mala Wharf with Sponsor Skyline Eco Adventures for Pacific Cancer Foundation

The March event was special for several reasons, but two highlights stood out: We welcomed aboard a large portion of new participants and as an added treat, we were honored to host the film crew from Xploration Awesome Planet as they chose to highlight Trilogy’s Conservation efforts in one of their upcoming Fall episodes.

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