May 2017 Blue'Aina Reef Cleanup

On May 7th, Trilogy was happy to host a sold out Blue’Aina reef cleanup with Corporate Sponsor Aloha Kayaks Maui supporting non-profit Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT). This month our beautiful spring weather allowed us to head up to Cliff House for our underwater reef cleanup. Cliff House is located at Namalu Bay in Kapalua. This bay is a popular spot for locals to cliff jump and swim in the shallow protected waters. Blue’Aina had not been to Cliff House in a few months so we were anticipating a good amount of trash and fishing line. 

We were not let down. Within the first five minutes, our volunteers found a large metal pipe, which looked like the remains of a railing. After an hour of snorkeling, we found handfuls of fishing line, metal sinkers, part of a paddle, and a random assortment of other non-naturally ocurring things. This was one of our most successful cleanups this year! Back onboard the boat we heard from our Corporate Sponsor, Aloha Kayaks Maui, and learned about all of the good they are doing for Maui and the environment. 

The Aloha Kayaks Maui mission is to, “Protect our oceans for future generations by operating a sustainable tourism business while providing fun and educational adventures”. They offer eco-friendly, guided kayak and snorkel tours plus stand up paddleboard adventures. All of their ocean experiences are delivered with a focus on ocean and land ecology, Hawaiian culture and of course, plenty of sea life! Their Green Paddling Blue Water Campaign was created to represent their two core values of sustainability and education. Green Paddling signifies the eco-friendly, sustainable business they strive to create. And "Blue Water" represents the ocean they aim to educate people to respect and protect. To minimize human impact on Maui’s fragile ecosystems they use non-motorized boats, reusable water bottles and clean their gear with earth friendly products. They do not drop our anchors on the reef, feed fish or remove marine life from their homes for “show and tell.” After a morning on the water with Aloha Kayaks Maui not only will you have enhanced kayaking skills but you will have a greater understanding of ocean etiquette and how to protect our oceans for future generations. Their tours leave from Makena and Olowalu and they offer a kama’aina discount so head over to their website for more information about getting our on the water with these guys. 

Aloha Kayaks Maui supported non-profit Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT). As their name suggests, HILT is committed to working with private landowners, community groups, community leaders and government partners to protect Hawai‘i’s precious lands. Using a variety of tools, they help landowners integrate conservation into their land use plans in perpetuity. This collaborative work today helps to avert inappropriate land use tomorrow—and the benefits of conservation are triumphs that resound for all generations to come.    

Founded in January 2011, HILT represents the combined skill and resources of four organizations now working together to do right by the land. Bolstered by national accreditation, HILT assumes responsibility for the protected lands currently in our care and all future acquisitions forever. Proper protection defends against the threat of losing any more precious resources than we already have, while careful stewardship of these protected areas ensures their cultural and conservation values survive in forever.

Our May cleanup was our last on the water cleanup until September. For the summer months, Trilogy Blue’Aina will be focusing our efforts on land, heading up into the Waikamoi Preserve, and conducting beach cleanups on the south and north sides of Maui. Head over to the Blue’Aina calendar for more information on our upcoming cleanups. 

By Conservation and Education Director Magen Schifilitti