Maui Babymoon Must Do's

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It's one of the most exciting and challenging times in your life: pregnancy. As you and your partner prepare for this life-changing event, you might be considering one last vacation for just the two of you. Some active couples may seek out an adventure to share before they embark on their life as a new family. For many, pregnancy is about leading a more holistic and natural lifestyle. Some focus on reducing stress levels, increasing the variety of foods they eat, and perhaps even transitioning to organic and hormone free foods. If you are looking for a little adventure followed up with relaxation, a wide variety of foods in an unadulterated, natural environment, Maui is the babymoon spot for you. This is truly a tender time, and we recommend you check with your doctor before setting out on any trip.  

Prenatal Massage

Let’s face it: being pregnant is no easy task. Your body is changing and firing up different muscles in new ways you didn’t know possible. If you are traveling for a babymoon, you are likely in your second trimester and the body aches are not necessarily going to get easier. One way to make the best of your vacation is to relax your body with a prenatal massage. And since you are in Maui, you may as well set up right next to the beach where the ocean waves can lull you into a peaceful bliss. At the Four Seasons Resort Spa, you can also add water therapy either in a spa pool or the ocean. Experience weightlessness whilst receiving pressure point massage. Doesn’t weightlessness just sound divine during this time of your life?

Baby Bump Photo Shoot

You may not love the idea of photos with your added pregnancy weight, but you are glowing and someday you’ll wish you had documented that bump. Let Love + Water capture this special time. When you book a Land and Sea session with Love + Water Photography, they will photograph you at sunrise or sunset on the beach and conclude with additional photos in the ocean. The Maui sky lights up with hues that are somewhat unimaginable in other locations on Earth. L&W also offers an option to add drone footage which truly harnesses the beauty and immensity of Maui’s landscape, and of course, you. 

Photo Courtesy of Love and Water

Discover Lana'i with Trilogy Excursions

So you are in Maui, a tiny little speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where ocean activities abound. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should miss out on all Maui has to offer. Why not venture out on a sailing catamaran snorkeling tour? Trilogy Excursions is Maui’s oldest and most reputable sailing catamaran company on Maui. Family owned and operated, they instill the importance of ho’okipa into every employee who then tend to your every need. Other companies may be less expensive, but they pack on the guests which is not fun for maneuvering around a boat with a bump. Trilogy limits the number of guests for ultimate comfort and they have very nice marine heads on board.

SailT1 Adjusted.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Trilogy Excursions

You may feel like you can still conquer the world but even tummies of steel have fallen to seasickness during pregnancy. This is why we recommend you consider the Discover Lana’i tour. Trilogy takes guests to the island of Lana'i for the day, allowing them to get off the boat and explore the island's land and marine preserve. They offer two departure times and though waking up for a 6:30 AM tour sounds like torture we promise it’s not for two reasons: 1) most people are traveling from time zones where they wake up earlier anyway and 2) the waves in the Au'au channel are much calmer earlier in the day. Everything you need for the day is provided from breakfast, snacks, and full BBQ chicken lunch, dessert, and cocktails that are just as tasty without the alcohol to snorkel gear, Crew to monitor for your safety, marine experts to point out wildlife, and Lana'i-born historians to give you an authentic land tour.


Photo Courtesy of Island Dream Productions

Those who happen to be lucky enough to be in Maui from December 15th - April 15th and would prefer not to commit to a day-long adventure, consider a whale watch excursion. These tours only last 2 hours so you do not have to be on a boat all day and let’s face it, the sight of a mother whale and her calf is something truly special.

File Feb 29, 8 46 08 PM.jpeg

Photo Courtesy of Trilogy Excursions

 Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

If a heightened sense of smell has taken ahold of you, enjoy the gentle scents of relaxing lavender. When most people think of lavender farms, they picture the vast fields in Provence France. You might be surprised to find out that right upcountry, Alii Kula Lavender Farm has over 45 different varieties of lavender comprised by 55K plants. The beautifully landscaped garden features manicured walking paths dotted with beautiful protea flowers, olive trees, hydrangeas and more. At 4K feet of elevtion, the farm offers a respite from the Maui heat and envelopes you in an all natural aromatherapy experience. You can also take a moment to enjoy a lunch or a simple lavender infused dessert. Bring your camera.

Photos Courtesy of Trilogy Excursions

Droplets Makawao

While upcountry, consider a visit to Droplets in Makawao. Yes, there is a good chance you will be flooded with cute little baby clothes and toys from all the loved ones in your life. Most people know how expensive and time consuming bringing a new little one in the world can be and help many times comes in the form of baby goodies. That doesn’t mean you cannot pick out a couple island-inspired pieces on your own while visiting Maui. There are many stores on Maui that feature gifts for babies, but Droplets in Makawao takes the cake. Droplets touts itself as "A Children's Curated & Whimsical Gift Boutique” and they, "also carry various children’s handmade designs Made in Hawaii, clothing, toys, and supplies needed for new mamas, babies, and children alike.” 

Photo Courtesy of Droplets Facebook Page

For the Active Mom

Chances are, a fairly active individual will remain active during her second trimester. The next activities are for those energetic ladies. If keeping active is not your game, consider taking it really easy on the following adventures for active moms to be:

Waterfall Hike

You may be used to hacking it on your own, but in Maui, things change rapidly and it’s important to adventure with someone who knows what you are getting into and when to get out of it. Epic Experience Maui is just what the trail doctor ordered. When hiking in Maui, you need to be aware of the weather patterns. Waterfall adventures can make lifelong memories and flash floods can produce life-changing events. Rest assured, people hike in Maui every day and have the social media posts to show for it. The difference here is you have an addition to your family unit to consider. Emily, the owner of Epic Experience Maui, has explored, hiked and sussed out adventures all over the island of Maui. She will be able to determine the best hike based on your abilities, the weather and water level on the day of your adventure. Photos of waterfalls are beautiful, but there really is nothing quite as breathtaking and humbling as witnessing water falling from a 300+ foot cliff. Did we mention there are no snakes in Maui which makes for an ever more pleasureable hike?

Photo Courtesy of Epic Experience Facebook Page

Kayak Tour

Another fantastic way to get out on the water is in a kayak. Kayaking is a low impact way to get very close to Maui’s marine life, but not too close!* Hawaiian Paddle Sports offers kayaking tours of Turtle Town on the South side of the island and Honolulu Bay on the north-west side. The location should be determined based on weather and proximity and when in doubt, give them a buzz for the best advice. HPS specializes in teaching Hawaiian history and culture, employs marine naturalists and is a Certified B Corporation. You really get a complete package with this company.

Photo Courtesy of Hawaiian Paddle Sports

*But not too close! Laws and regulations are in place to protect many of the species in Maui waters and it is important for the health of the animals that you adhere to those rules. Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Never touch marine life

  • Never feed marine life

  • DNLR recommends keeping a distance of 6-10 feet from Hawaiian sea turtles.

  • Federal Law prohibits any vessel from approaching a humpback whale within 100 yards. That’s a football field!

Of course, animals may approach you out of their own volition and you cannot control this. Best practice is to move away or out of the animal's path when possible. For more information, check out our post regarding responsible viewing of marine life.

Skin Care

We wanted to take a moment to discuss skin care. As your body is changing, and that pregnancy glow gives you beautiful glistening skin, you may not think you have all that much work to do, but you do. Pregnancy mask or chloasma is a real thing. The new hormones that are coursing through your veins to give you that glow can also work against you. Pregnancy mask happens when your hormones cause hyper pigmentation which presents itself as dark spots on your face and even neck. One way to prevent chloasma is to limit your exposure to the sun. Consider bringing a hat that will shade your face and won’t blow off easily in the high wind. Be prepared with a sunscreen that is free of reef damaging chemicals. As it turns out those chemicals that are harmful to our precious reefs may also be harmful to humans as research is finding they act as endocrine disruptors. This may sound like something out of an advanced science text book, but if you recall all the talk about BPA plastic, you might be familiar with the topic. Things applied to your skin soak right into your body which is housing that developing little nugget of yours. For more information on reef safe sunscreen, check out our blog post “Is your Sunscreen Reef Safe” 


Photo Courtesy of Flickr Earthly Delights

A bigger belly needs more skin to cover it and that new skin is prone to sunburn. You can utilize the same reef safe sunscreen, but you may also consider a rash guard for extra protection. The rash guard acts as a physical barrier between you and the sun and these days they are made out of lightweight breathable fabrics. Many people also like to use coconut oil to keep the skin hydrated and supple during this transition period. 


Trilogy Rashguard. Photo Courtesy of Island Dream Productions

Monkeypod Kitchen

We already mentioned what you put ON your body can affect your baby, but what about what you put in it? There’s always a reason to go to Monkeypod Kitchen but if locally sourced and high-quality ingredients are important to you, this is a stop we would recommend to anyone visiting our beautiful island. With locations in Wailea and Lahaina, there’s likely one within your reach. Their website says, "Monkeypod Kitchen is founded upon a commitment to the craft. Whether that is farming, cooking, brewing, art or design, we believe that the best quality comes from hard work and passion, and we are dedicated to mastering the craft of food, drink, and merrymaking.
At Monkeypod, we recognize and support other craftsmen. By building partnerships with farmers, brewers, and artisans who share our passions, we can deliver the highest quality that Hawaii has to offer.”
We know you want the best for you and your baby and if you think knowing where your food is coming from is important, Monkeypod Kitchen is a must do.


Photo Courtesy of Monkeypod Kitchen Facebook Page

By Contributor Kate Middleton