Captain Brian (Barnes)


Formerly a Captain for Pacific Whale Foundation, Captain Brian came on board with our Trilogy Ohana back in August 2015. Brian has become our resident Captain on our Captain’s Sunset Dinner Sail and along with the crew have helped grow the trips popularity and help us expand the trip to Lahaina. Guest’s rave about Brian’s astronomy class he does with his high powered laser pointer.  
Mahalo and Congratulations Brian!

Captain Casey


Position: Senior Captain, Captain of Record

Lived On Maui Since: Born and Raised in Maui since 1985

Worked For Trilogy Since: 2001

Has Also Worked As: A beekeeper along the Central California coastline!

Favorite Place in Maui: Upcountry

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Alberta, Canada

Craziest Outing You’ve Ever Had:  We once had an aging hippie man who wanted to take a “clothing optional” approach to the tour, and he would also engage in “dolphin chants” and wanted to jump into the pod of dolphins as we sailed away in the the other direction!

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Honolua Bay

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Somewhere cold

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: Surf’s Up!

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: Leilani’s on the Beach! Get the Hula Pie!

Suggestions For Passengers on First Trilogy Trip: No need to sunscreen the bottom of da feet!

Captain Emily

Captain Emily has been an incredible team member and has gone above and beyond by spending multiple days on Lana'i for Storm watch. She single-handedly Captain-ed TRILOGY I from Lahaina to Lana'i at night with an approaching Kona wind cold front and did it with a smile.

Emily has been a big help with the introductory nights of the New Deluxe Ka'anapali Sunset Sail. She provided fantastic insight and an amazing experience for our guests, who have been completely blown away with the new tour.

Emily has done a great job as Mate of Record for TRILOGY I, which is no easy task and now has been promoted to Captain of Record for TRILOGY ELUA. Her attention to detail, passion for boats and the ocean, and many friendships with other operators in the marine industry are admirable.

Captain Kevin K

Captain Kevin has worked for Trilogy for over 16 years. Kevin started out as a SCUBA Dive Master and instructor for all the trips. However, soon he fell in love with the Kaanapali tour and Trilogy 4. Kevin then got his captains license and worked his way up to a driving captain and eventually Captain of Record for Trilogy 4.

Most recently, Captain Kevin has taken over the responsibility of scheduler (no easy task!) and has done an excellent job! His effort to be responsive and amenable to dozens of schedule requests a day has been noticed and appreciated by all.
Kevin is dedicated to his work, loves his job, and as a Person and Professional is always striving to be better. Kevin provides constant feedback for quality control with the caterers, has developed and continued many new and creative solutions such as a paper-free prep list, and is very supportive of the efforts of Trilogy over all the years. And, if you’ve ever worked on his boat, you know that the guy keeps his vessel extremely organized and always stocked. As a Captain, Kevin provides very clear instructions to his crew and always keeps the big picture in mind.
“I see the boats much like a live-performing orchestra. I don’t want to tell the crew how to play their instrument, I just want to conduct the orchestra to make sure the “music” sounds good!” –Capt Kevin  

Position: Senior Captain, Captain of Record, Scheduler

Lived On Maui Since: 1989

Worked For Trilogy Since: 2000

Held Captains License Since: 1992

Has Also Worked As: PADI Scuba Instructor

Favorite Place in Maui: Lahaina

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Kuala Lumpur

Craziest Outing You’ve Ever Had: Encountering whale sharks. 

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Moku Ho’oniki Rock on Moloka’i

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Lake Belle Taine, Minnesota

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: Surfing! (The internet)

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: Cool Cat Cafe in Lahaina

Best Part About Working For Trilogy: Sailing Trilogy IV

Suggestions For Passengers on First Trilogy Trip: Bring your towels and smiles!