Captain Kevin K

Position: Senior Captain, Captain of Record, Scheduler

Lived On Maui Since: 1989

Worked For Trilogy Since: 2000

Held Captains License Since: 1992

Has Also Worked As: PADI Scuba Instructor

Favorite Place in Maui: Lahaina

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Kuala Lumpur

Craziest Outing You’ve Ever Had: Encountering whale sharks. 

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Moku Ho’oniki Rock on Moloka’i

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Lake Belle Taine, Minnesota

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: Surfing! (The internet)

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: Cool Cat Cafe in Lahaina

Best Part About Working For Trilogy: Sailing Trilogy IV

Suggestions For Passengers on First Trilogy Trip: Bring your towels and smiles!

Trilogy Excursions

trilogy excursions, 207 Kupuohi Street, Lahaina, HI, 96761