Captain Katie

Position: Captain and Mate of Record

Lived On Maui Since: 2009

Have Also Lived In: Pleasanton, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA, Pathum Thani, Thailand, Seward, Alaska

Originally From: Pleasanton, CA

Worked For Trilogy Since: 2011

Has Also Worked As: Sales, High Ropes Course Facilitator, Sales and Sponsorship Marketing

Favorite Place in Maui: Waihe’e Ridge Trail, Hamoa Beach, and Honolua Bay

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Liberia

Craziest Outing You’ve Ever Had: Well, with a non-Trilogy company my craziest outing was crossing from Moloka’i in a storm. There were consistently 15-foot seas on a boat that leaked and we were managing several electrical fires the whole time we were in the channel. It was miserable. So far I haven’t had anything too bad happen with Trilogy, although I personally liked the other day when a whale was so close I thought he was going to rest his head on the swim step. It was a pretty amazing day.

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Hulopo’e

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Most recently I spent 6 weeks in Asia. I flew into Bangkok and traveled by train through Malaysia and down to Singapore. From there I flew into Bali for three weeks and spent a week of my time on the Gili Islands, off of Lombok.

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: Hike, go to the beach, and go to Costco

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: Lahaina Grill

Best Part About Working For Trilogy: All of the people I work with

Suggestions For Passengers On First Trilogy Trip: Bring the whole family out! I love watching adults and their kids being able to enjoy the day equally.

Trilogy Excursions

trilogy excursions, 207 Kupuohi Street, Lahaina, HI, 96761