Captain Jeff

Position: Captain

Held Captain’s License Since: 1981

Lived On Maui Since: New Year’s Ever 1979

Has Also Lived In: Big Island, Seattle, California Bay Area

Originally From: Long Beach, California

Has Also Worked As: Commercial fishing operations, Tug & Tow, Corporate Yacht Management, Yacht DeliveryReal estate sales

Favorite Place in Maui: My home

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Tahiti

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Anywhere on the back side of Lana’i

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Chesapeake Bay

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: Spend time with family, go to the beach, real estate sales on Maui. 

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: The Waterfront in Ma’alaea Harbor

Best Part About Working For Trilogy: The family values, the nicest and safest catamarans in the state, working with such personable and professional crew members.

Suggestions For Passengers on First Trilogy Trip: Get ready for a great time. We look forward to sharing with you and your ohana.

Trilogy Excursions

trilogy excursions, 207 Kupuohi Street, Lahaina, HI, 96761