Captain Caleb

IMG_3856 (2).jpg

Position: Captain

Lived On Maui Since: 2008

Worked For Trilogy Since: 2010

Has Also Worked As: Pharmacy Technician, Chef, Roofer

Favorite Place in Maui: Big Beach

Most exotic place you’ve ever had a passenger from: Sri Lanka

Craziest Outing You’ve Ever Had: Sailing back to Maui after two weeks of intense dry dock in Kona! Surfing waves and sailing about 17 knots!

Favorite Snorkel Spot: Honolua Bay

Where Do YOU Go On Vacation: Back to Oregon every winter to snowboard.

Hobbies/What You Do On A Day Off: Go hiking, bodysurfing, or sailing with friends.

Favorite Restaurant in Maui: Paia Fish Market by far my favorite!

Best Part About Working For Trilogy: Being on the water everyday, out in the sun with awesome people.

Trilogy Excursions

trilogy excursions, 207 Kupuohi Street, Lahaina, HI, 96761