Nick (Shaw)

We knew Nick was a sure winner when on his first Looksee to Lānaʻi, he spent most of the gnarley ride back to Lahaina in 40kt winds on his hands and knees, holding a Dixie cup full of comet in his mouth, scrubbing stains off of the decks. 
Nick has a passion for learning and working hard. Right now we are blessed with his passion being Aimed at boats. He spent the better part of a year on Kona working aboard a single-masted sailboat with no standing rigging nor boom. All for free- he did it just for the Knowledge and the opportunity to gain hands on experience. 
Most recently, he dropped everything last minute to join the dry dock crew on T1. His workmanship and efficiency have been impressive, and his attitude and morale is always refreshing. 
But nick isn't just a hard worker- he's a compassionate fellow and embodies the core values of Pono and lokahi. Nick will often show up to work an hour early and set up the entire boat before anyone even arrives. 
Nick will also go to great lengths to take care of our guests and exceed their expectations. You'll see him braving the elements and standing in harms way just to Get the perfect photo for a guest, or you'll see him sharing his mana'o and knowledge about Hawaiian culture with Others. 
Nick's next goal is to get his captains license and he is working towards that diligently and efficiently. 
Kudos Nick, mahalo for all that you do! 

Tyler R.


Tyler moved to Maui with some great and broad professional experience including being a paddle-boat river guide in Utah, Sales rep for a season in Florida, and an assembly technician in Florida. We are proud to say that served 6 years in the 101st Airborne Division of The United States Air Force out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky.