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Sea Trials and Shenanigans

It’s finally time to break in the new boat, hopefully without any actual breaking. We’ve been stuck on a dock in Salt River for the past week, actually the boat has been stuck there while the crew and I have been staying at a large Mediterranean villa overlooking the ocean. Nonetheless, we were really excited to get out and do some sea trials and take a break from covering our bodies in mosquito repellant.

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Rainy Days in St. Croix

After a 16-hour flight, we finally made it to St. Croix on Wednesday to pick up Trilogy’s new 65’ Catamaran and deliver it back to Maui. It was raining so hard that the pilot had to make two passes at the runway. On the first pass he said he would give it another shot but if we didn’t have any luck we would be headed to San Juan Puerto Rico. Luckily we made it on our final pass.

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Maps In The Stars: How Polynesians Used Celestial Navigation To Become The World's Best Explorers

Here's a question for all of our diehard history and geography buffs out there: What do modern-day Russia, Colonial Spain, the British Empire, the Mongol Empire, and Polynesia all have in common?

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