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Crossing Log, Entry 5: It’s a big, big ocean out there

Fueled up and officially on the open ocean, our crew checks in during the first few days of sailing - from watch scheduling to lightning storms to ohana dinners, the Trilogy crossing crew is in great spirits about the exciting weeks ahead!

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Crossing Log, Entry 4: When in rome…

With delays, comes… adventure? Well, in this case anyway! Our crossing crew is busy at work, prepping & freezing meals, testing out T4, passing the last inspections, and yes - taking in the beautiful St. Croix sights while they have the chance! The countdown is almost finished…

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Crossing Log, Entry 3: Delays (and fun) in St. Croix

Although currently delayed due to some shipping container & supply fiascos, our crossing crew is making the best of the situation in St. Croix! With a little fun (scuba, anyone?), a little education on catamaran building techniques and of course some SAILING in our new boat (!), read the latest update on our Trilogy ‘ohana’s epic ocean adventure!

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