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Crossing Log Entry 10: Rotten eggs & small wins

Life on the open sea has brought ample opportunity for discovering clever forms of entertainment… our Crossing Crew remains in good spirits as they FINALLY see their first epic ocean sunset, not to mention a fun new deck game. 4 more days to Hilo!

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Crossing Log Entry 8: the start of Leg 2 (next stop: maui!)

A quick crew change, some restocking of food, supplies & fuel, and our Trilogy crossing crew has officially kicked off the 3-4 week long “Leg 2” of Trilogy IV’s adventure! Get ready for some very technical stats from Captain Nick… compass headings, route trajectory, engine usage - you name it, we got it!

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Setting Sail: Trilogy, meet the open ocean

It’s finally here - our new boat is coming home! Read this first-hand insight into the incredible feat that is an ocean crossing, written by Captain Denver Coon. Sleepless nights, thousands of miles of Open Ocean, squalls, and weeks without sight of land all await our Trilogy crew - the most epic of adventures is under way!

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