From Aloha to Pono: A Look At Trilogy's Five Core Values



As we celebrate our 40th anniversary of Maui snorkeling tours,  we've enjoyed reading the thousands of  thoughtful comments our guests have shared with us. Many compliment on the vibrant snorkeling, the comfort of our catamarans, and the beauty of Maui we’re blessed to be surrounded by each day. Without fail, however, the number one compliment we get year after year isn’t about our sailboats or our fourth-generation recipes

Rather, it’s about our crew.

Here at Trilogy we like to think we have some of the best crew in the industry, and comments from recent guests on the Trilogy TripAdvisor page show that others seem to agree.

So what is it about the crew that allows this sense of aloha to transfer on to our guests? Many have remarked that it’s obvious we enjoy what we do, which is hard to hide when it's the honest truth. More importantly, however, is an underlying value system that Trilogy fosters amongst our crew. Known as Trilogy’s “Five Core Values”, they collectively represent the sense of hospitality, community, and respect for our environment that create the foundation we base our company on.

While many of our guests have experienced these values firsthand, we wanted to take a moment to share with everyone the definition and meaning behind our Five Core Values.




Definition: Aloha, love, affection, compassion




Def: Hospitality

Ike Loa

Definition: To seek knowledge


Definition: Togetherness, Harmony


Definition: Do what is right


What do you think of the Five Core Values? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.