Is SNUBA Diving Right for Me? Some FAQs to Help You Decide

Every diver, from a complete beginner to a master diver, remembers the first breath they took underwater. If you've always wanted to experience the underwater world, SNUBA is one of the easiest and safest ways to experience what it's like to breathe underwater. Many travelers to Maui have heard of SNUBA at one point or another, but there are often questions which accompany the activity. While your professional Trilogy SNUBA guide can answer specific, individual questions on the day of your tour, here are some of the most frequently asked questions for those who are thinking about SNUBA diving in Maui,

What is the minimum age for SNUBA? 8 years old.

Can I visit fly in an airplane, take a helicopter tour, or visit Haleakala after a SNUBA dive? Yes. Unlike a scuba dive where there's a risk of decompression sickness if you go to altitude after a dive, SNUBA depths are shallow enough that the risk of DCS is minimal. Trilogy suggests a wait period of 4 hours before flying, going in a helicopter, or driving to Haleakala after a SNUBA dive.

What is the maximum depth in SNUBA? The maximum depth in SNUBA is 10 feet

What do I wear when SNUBA diving? During a SNUBA dive, you will wear mask, and fins as you normally would when snorkeling. You are also equipped with a lightweight harness which connects to a regulator, and a weight belt which is heavy enough to help you swim underwater, but not so heavy that you can't swim to the surface.

Are there medical requirements for SNUBA? Yes. Although the requirements for SNUBA are much more lenient than scuba diving, there are still a number of medical requirements which need to be met before you can take place in a SNUBA dive.

What does SNUBA stand for? SNUBA is an acronym that stands for Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

How long does a SNUBA dive last? The length of a SNUBA dive will be different for every person, but on average, dives last 20-25 minutes. The more relaxed you are and the slower you breathe, the longer your dive will end up lasting.

Do I wear a tank on my back? No. The the scuba tank rests inside of the SNUBA raft to which you're tethered, and as you swim, the raft follows you above on the surface.

Am I allowed to go to the surface if I need?  Yes, although for the best dive experience it's recommended to stay underwater for the duration of the dive. Should you feel the need to come to the surface, whether it's to clear your mask of water, grab a second camera, or simply to take a short rest, as long as you don't hold your breath and ascend no faster than your own bubbles, you should be able to surface safely and easily. Also, when taking time at the surface, it's easiest if you hold on to the side of the raft so that you don't need to tread water with a weight belt on.

If I've never snorkeled before, can I SNUBA? Technically, yes, although without having snorkeled at least once before there's no guarantee of how comfortable you will be. There are plenty of people who successfully SNUBA dive without having snorkeled before, but there are also others who are uncomfortable with the feeling of needing to breathe through their mouth. As a test, pinch your nose and breathe through your mouth for a whole minute. If you can do this comfortably, it's the first step in determining if you can SNUBA. Ultimately, however, the choice is up to you, and since our Molokini snorkeling tour makes two separate snorkeling stops, perhaps consider snorkeling at the first stop and opting for SNUBA once you've gotten comfortable.

Does Trilogy only offer SNUBA on the Molokini Tour? Trilogy offers SNUBA diving on many different tours, including our Ka'anapali Snorkeling Tour, Molokini Snorkeling Tour, and Discover Lana'i snorkeling tour.

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