Blue ‘Aina, Goodfellow Brothers, and The Sea House Restaurant Raise $1,000 for Plant A Wish Foundation

With unseasonable rain falling along the shoreline of northwest Maui, the Blue'Aina team and a legion of volunteers braved wintery conditions on May 25 to help restore the health of the reef. For the first time since the previous fall we were able to turn our bow north, beating upwind towards Kapalua and the rocky Namalu Bay (popularly known as "Cliffhouse").



Though Namalu Bay isn’t a regular spot of many Maui snorkeling tours, it is a popular spot for visitors and locals to snorkel directly from shore. Aside from the pocket-sized, hidden location that gives it such a unique feel, what separates Namalu from other spots on Maui is the rocky nature of the coastline. With azure waters lapping at the base of towering slabs of stone, and sunbathers splayed on warm rocks as opposed to a stretch of sand, the cove seems closer to the Mediterranean shoreline than the northwestern coast of Maui.

Namalu offers more than just snorkeling, however, as it is also a popular spot for fishing and daytime gatherings. Unfortunately, given the strength of the afternoon tradewinds and a lamentable lack of concern, many of the items from these daytime parties find their way into the water. Beer cans, bottlecaps, and tar-scented cigarette butts can be found lining the rocks, and fishing line and plastic bottles were found intertwined with the reef. Luckily our team of ocean stewards was more than up to the challenge, and it's always great to look at the haul when you clamber back on board.

Joining us on board the sail was the team from Goodfellow Brothers, who very generously completed their second sponsorship of a Blue’Aina sail this year. As part of their corporate sponsorship of the sail, Goodfellow Brothers also made a $1,000 donation to the Plant A Wish Foundation, an admirable and active environmental non-profit that is doing great work for our island.

Not only has Plant A Wish Foundation planted native trees in all 50 states, but they are currently on a mission to help native trees prosper here in our Maui soil. Among the projects discussed by PlantA Wish were ways that they are working to plant native trees in more urban, commercial environments, and the ways in which landowners can plant native trees on their own patches of land.

Having helped to raise money for Plant A Wish in 2012 and 2013, it was great to welcome them back aboard to get updates on their program and progress.



In their second sponsorship of the Blue’Aina program, The Sea House Restaurant from Napili Kai presented a mouth-watering breakfast and lunch for our team of ocean stewards and guests. From the macadamia nut cinnamon rolls on the motor up towards Kapalua, to the vegetarian and turkey wraps which were devoured after the cleanup, the Sea House restaurant put on a culinary display in their support of cleaning our reefs.

Once again, a big "mahalo!" to the 42 people who made this event a success, and to join us on our next Blue'Aina sail be sure to check out the calendar Aloha!