Blue'Aina Kicks Off The 2017 Educational Series

Our January Blue’Aina marked the start of Trilogy’s new Blue’Aina Educational Series. Trilogy Excursions sponsored the non-profit Oceanwide Science Institute and our Food Sponsor was CJ’s Deli. On this trip we put more emphasis on the featured non-profit and gave them a platform to share in detail all of the research and work they have been doing.

Sharing knowledge through innovation and expertise.
— Oceanwide Science Institute Mission


The mission of the Oceanwide Science Institute (OSI) is to share knowledge through innovation and expertise. The OSI is made up of academics and professionals who seek to further our community’s understanding of the marine ecosystem through science and education. Their individual specializations are varied, but a common thread in their work is the use of sound to study biological, ecological and anthropogenic processes in the marine environment. Some of the services they offer are behavioral studies, field surveys, data analysis and reporting, education and outreach, and acoustic monitoring. OSI is the leading organization in the field of marine acoustic monitoring globally.


adjective  an·thro·po·gen·ic \-pə-ˈje-nik\

DEFINITION: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature <anthropogenic pollutants>

On a calm, clear afternoon our 60 volunteers boarded Trilogy I and headed to Olowalu Reef. At Olowalu Reef the OSI has placed a passive acoustic monitoring instrument called and EAR (Ecological Acoustic Recorder). This EAR was in about 30 ft of water on the outer edge of the Reef. Using a GPS, Marc from OSI worked with Captain Martin to position Trilogy I on top of the device. Donned in SCUBA gear, the divers entered the water to retrieve the EAR and brought it back on board. The EAR records noises on the reef such as, fish, snapping shrimp, dolphins, and whales and this EAR had been recording since 2014. 

While Marc and Eden were servicing the EAR, our volunteers had the chance to jump into the crystal clear waters and conduct an underwater reef cleanup.


Throughout the afternoon we enjoyed some of the most delicious food we have had on a Blue’Aina, donated by CJ’s Deli. Two types of mixed vegetable wraps, fresh fruit platters, hot soup, hummus, and dessert bars were all gobbled up by the end of the trip. CJ’s is located in Ka’anapali and serves savory homemade comfort food. They are a continuous supporter of local community outreach events and we were happy to have them onboard a Blue’Aina trip. 

After replacing the freshly refurbished EAR back on the bottom of Olowalu Reef we gazed out at breaching humpback whales as we made our way back to Lahaina Harbor. 

By Conservation and Education Director Magen Schifiliti

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